Keep their attention…photography tip

A key element in photography is the capability to capture the ordinary world while allowing your audience to experience it in a new way……(things that make you go hmmmm). You want to grab their attention and keep their eye on the photo.

For instance the average person that has been on a boat doc has seen this site a thousand times. And yet, when you investigate this photo you notice so many different elements that I’m sure have gone unnoticed. The stark blue against the monotone brown of the wood. The different textures of the wood, rope and metal. It also draws your eye off the photo – clearly knowing that on the other end of the rope is some kind of water vessel but your imagination puts your personal image there….A small fishing boat, a ski boat, a yacht…… When observing this photo one can almost feel the warmth of the wood on bare feet from the sunshine. Or envision happy times out on the water with friends or family.

A photo has the power to do so much more than simply capturing a moment in time. Allow yourself to look at the world differently. Look at it with a photographers eye. You will be amazed at how small the world becomes and how all the details around you suddenly become pulled into focus. You will be truly amazed at the world in which you live.

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I Heart Cameras….Photography Tip

I Heart Cameras

Becca and I had some fun ideas for this red glass heart and the vintage camera. But just as we started to do be creative the rain broke loose. So….. this is what we got before we started running for the car. It is random but I do love all the elements playing their part in the photo.  Color – Texture and Design…..And I love the idea that your eye is drawn around the photo so you aren’t sure what to make the focal point to be.

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Photo shoot with my daughter

My father n law's camera that he used in Germany when he was in the Army

My daughter and I share the love of photography. I have been toting around a camera for as long as I can remember. A few years ago Becca visited Costa Rica on a mission trip and took my camera along. I believe that is what put the photography bug inside of her. She has an incredible eye and a creative mind. Last year she ventured off 3 hours away for her first year in college with a major in photography. For her graduation she recieved a Canon 5D Mark II…..I am a little envious but I do get to occassionally borrow it.

Out of that passion has burst a new love…. Collecting Vintage Cameras. A few weeks ago we were down in an old shed on our property when she ran across this old camera. Her grandpa was in the shed with us and he told her that it had belonged to him. He had used it when he went to Germany while he was in the Army. He dusted it off and told Becca that it now belonged to her. She was beyond thrilled. This camera has so many loves attached to it. Vintage Camera…. her Grandpa and Germany. Becca had the opportunity to visit Germany for 3 weeks when she was in high school and she fell in love with everything about it. Also, our 3rd exchange student is from Germany and is just like a sister to Becca. So this was absolutely a very treasured gift.

I just love when God gives us little nuggets of love…….

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Staying in the moment

A Door County Morning

My family spent last weekend in Door County. DC is a photographers dream vacation. My family was patient with my constant clicking but I can’t help but believe that sometimes they just wish I would put my camera down and be in the moment – with them. The last morning I woke up before everyone else and went down to sit on the beach with a book. As I looked out over the water I felt peace…..calm…..What is it about water that can do that to us? I so wish that I could get to that moment of not wishing away the time – of being anxious to get to the next part of my life. It’s not because I’m not happy, because I am – Very Happy. It is more about the fact that there is so much I want to do – to accomplish.  Life is short….  I realize that  more than ever as I watched my 16 year old baby boy pull in the driveway with his very first vehicle last night….Time is rushing by ever so quickly.

So This is my prayer – to be grateful and content and yet excited with anticipation to where He will lead me next.

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Close up rasberries

I LOVE that I live in the middle of the woods where berries grow wild…..I am sure that Heaven will be filled with rasberries (minus the thorns)……..sigh…..

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