Closed Columbine

One of the many benefits of living in the middle of the woods is the variety of flowers that just pop up in various places. It’s not like with a garden when you know that you planted pansies along the border and you have Salvia in the back. When you live in the woods everything is a surprise. One of favorite things to do in the spring is go out and look for columbines. They are so delicate and intriguing. At the tip of each section is a little bulb. I remember years ago my husband’s Aunt showed me that if you put that tip in your mouth that you could taste a tiny bit of honey – somewhat like a honeysuckle. I don’t know that I really think it tastes like that but it doesn’t stop me from always trying. This photo is actually from a columbine plant that a friend gave me. The wild columbine’s in my woods are orange but this one is suce a beautiful shad of pink. I thought it was lovely.

Still Life Standouts


About lindajwan

I believe I love words just about as much as I do photography. So I decided instead of writing everything out I will just give you a glimpse of some of the words that make up Linda. I look at it like these were my “tags”…..the words that if you put in a Google Search Linda Wanless would pop up. Love… Family… Jesus… Friendships…Daughter…Mother…Creativity… Photography… Simplicity… Play…Organization… Snuggle… Song… Nature… Sunrise… Cotton… Jamaican Mission Program… Color… Relax… Alone time… Family time… Run away with my incredible husband time… Sunsets… Books…Daughters I never birthed… Texture… Sister… Books… Pillows… Hearts… Texas… Aunt… Travel… Music……… and so many more….my life is filled with abundant overflowing joy and I am beyond grateful to my Heavenly Father for that.
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3 Responses to Closed Columbine

  1. Branson says:

    Oh, I just adore the soft colors and the texture in this! It is simply gorgeous!

  2. GORGEOUS! I love how the softness brings out the colors and the texture. And the composition is beautiful!

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