It’s sew fun…..


My mother in law quilts. She quilts a lot! I am sure that she has made hundreds of quilts in her lifetime. I myself went through a period in my life where I accompanied her to quilt guild meetings and fabric stores. I made a few quilts and table runners but the love for sewing didn’t stick with me like it has her. I was at her house today to take some photos that would work for cards for a local fabric store.

When you walk into her sewing room you see that there is every possible color or print you could imagine.There are stacks in cupboards and rows lined up in drawers. I understand this love of collecting. I too love the colors and prints and how wonderful they look all lined up together. The difference is – she knows what to do with the fabric. (I mean besides photograph it). It has a purpose. I began the think about the fact that there is a good chance that most of the fabric in her sewing room will never make its way into a quilt. And yet as I look at her “stash” I love the dreams behind the purchases.  I saw a card once that stated….”So much fabric, so little time…” I can relate, maybe my passion isn’t sewing – but I have enough dream projects that will keep me busy for quite sometime…….

I hope that you never run out of “dream projects”……


About lindajwan

I believe I love words just about as much as I do photography. So I decided instead of writing everything out I will just give you a glimpse of some of the words that make up Linda. I look at it like these were my “tags”…..the words that if you put in a Google Search Linda Wanless would pop up. Love… Family… Jesus… Friendships…Daughter…Mother…Creativity… Photography… Simplicity… Play…Organization… Snuggle… Song… Nature… Sunrise… Cotton… Jamaican Mission Program… Color… Relax… Alone time… Family time… Run away with my incredible husband time… Sunsets… Books…Daughters I never birthed… Texture… Sister… Books… Pillows… Hearts… Texas… Aunt… Travel… Music……… and so many more….my life is filled with abundant overflowing joy and I am beyond grateful to my Heavenly Father for that.
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